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tv   CBS Morning News  CBS  July 30, 2014 4:00am-4:31am EDT

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finally i start seeing water pouring out and cement everywhere. >> water everywhere. ucla campus swamped and students find themselves trapped when a century's-old pipe burst spilling out gallons of water. arcticry blasts apart a united nations school where hundreds of palestinians had taken shelter. and sniper suit. former minnesota groft jesse venture ya wins a lawsuit against a best-selling author. this is the "cbs morning news" for wednesday, july 30th, 2014. good morning. thanks for joining us. i'm ko im in for anne-marie
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green. it took workers in los angeles nearly four hours to shut off a massive water main break that flooded parted of the ucla campus. crews worked through the night to remove waters from the famed basketball arena. several people had to be rescued from an underground parking garage. a 93-year-old water pipe had burst yesterday afternoon sending a geyser of water 30 feet into the air. the 30-inch pipe burst under nearby sunset boulevard. bigad shaban has our report. >> reporter: the water buckled asphalt and flooded streeted around 3:30 shortly before rush hour. in a state stricken by historic drought. >> we estimate at this time that we probably lost a total of between 8 million and 10 million gallons of water in the incident. >> reporter: students at ucla and a nearby high school waited
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in a foot of water and water coming down the hill. >> i started to see the comment starting to peak. i kind of didn't believe it at first. i didn't know what was going on. finally i start seeing the water pouring out and cement flooding everywhere. >> reporter: the water stranded people. >> we searched for probably over 200 vehicles, we assisted five citizens with getting themselves out of their vehicles. >> it's crazy. i've never seen anything like it in california with so much water. >> reporter: a river cascaded downstairs of ucla campus, flooding its sports arena and pavilion which just underwent a renovation a few years ago. >> it's terrible. it's just not the way you want to start the school year. >> reporter: the l.a. mayor says the broken pipe is from 1921. the cause of the water break is still unknown.
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officials here say they had to shut off the water gradually over the course of about 4 1/2 hours in order to build up pressure of other pipes nearby which could have resulted in more flooding. bigad shaban, cbs news, los angeles. also in california the firefighters are making progress on the largest of two wildfire. the sand fire burning east of sacramento is now 85% contained. and a fire in yosemite is 34% contained. most of the evacuation orders have been lifted. in colorado, flash floods caused all kinds of problems north of denver. roadways were overrun by water and at least a dozen homes were flooded yesterday. most of the state remains under a flash flood watch or warning. and one other weather note. a just released government report says the weather kills at least 2,000 americans every year. and the cdc says nearly
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two-thirds of those deaths are from the cold. about 30% were caused by hot. just 6% resulted from storms or floods. now to the middle east. overnight and into this morning israel continues to attack targets on the gaza strip. the territory's only power plan was destroyed, cutting electricity and disrupting water supplies. the u.n. said they found a stockpile of rockets at another school where palestinian civilians are taking refuge now and the leader of hamas has ruled out a cease-fire. susan mcginnis is in washington. good morning, susan. >> ko, good morning. we heard israel's prime minister on tuesday telling his people to prepare for a prolonged operation. now we have hamas's military leader coming out making comments talking also indicating they are also digging in. this conflict is becoming bloodier every day and now another school operated by the u.n. in gaza comes under attack. health officials claim nearly 20
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people died when israeli tanks tore through this building. the building was being used as a shell tr for people trying to flee the fighting between israel and hamas militants. it's been raging on for over 23 days. israel tar getted dozens of hamas terror sites. israel is also destroying a network of hamas-built tunnels between gaza and the jewish state. hamas says this video shows the fighters using the border tunnels to infiltrate israel. israel is also coming urn attack from the air. they say its iron dome system continues to block rockets fired from gaza. secretary of state john kerry has tried to broker a truce between two sides amid mounting criticism. >> this is not about me but about whether north there is a way forward that could avoid the loss of soldiers for israel and the loss of civilians
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everywhere. >> the turmoil brought the leader of hamas's military wick out of hielding yesterday. in a rare address he vowed to keep up the fight and said there will be no cease-fire until israeli aggression stops and the blockade of gaza's border is lifted. and that promise comes despite the palestinian death toll estimated to have been pushed past 1,200. for israel it's higher than 50. ko? >> susan mcginnis in washington. thank you for that update. in west africa, at least 24 people were trampled to death in guinea's capital city. the stampede occurred during a beachside concert marking the end of the muslim holiday ramadan. it's unclear what triggered the rush. a week of mourning has been declared. the ebola outbreak that has claimed 17 lives has been detected in guinea. he died yesterday after contracting the disease himself. he's one of dozens of health
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workers killed during the outbreak. this morning u.s. military officials are investigating the mystery of a young stowaway whose body was found on an air force transport. as david martin reports, they want to know where he's from and how he got on the plane. >> reporter: the body was found during a post-flight inspection of a c-1 journey transport after a journey from africa. a young black male had lodged himself above the landing gear where he could not be seen during normal pre and post flight checks. >> aren't these aircraft supposed to be guarded at all tiemt? >> i think certainly that will be looked at in the investigation, looking for implications on how a young man could get inside the wheel well of an air force aircraft. >> reporter: the flight originated in the african city
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of senegal, flew east and then north to geneva and italy before returning to its home base in germany. the pentagon says some of the airfields are not up to american standards but that would seem all the more reason to guard the plane while it was on the ground. david martin, cbs news, the pentagon. no one was injured when a commuter jet was evacuated in phoenix. the us airways express flight arrived in albuquerque as scheduled. someone smelled smoke in the bathroom. 64 passengers were taken off the jet on the taxiway and bussed to the terminal. coming up on the "morning news," testing the next generation of vehicles. the only high wrybrid car that p safety ratings in a new test crash. and the fate of two women on a train bridge caught in front of an oncoming train. what happens next on the "cbs morning news." they think salmon and energy. but the energy bp produces up here creates something else as well: jobs all over america.
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newly released video shows two women running for their lives earth ler this month. they were on a railroad bridge near bloomington, indiana, a freight train barreling toward them. they couldn't jump because it was an 80-foot drop. they laid down on the tracks. the engineer thought they died. when the train stopped the women ran off. the acting surgeon general says skin cancer is a major health problem. cases of deadly melanoma have jumped 200% since 1973. he says americans should stop sunbathing and stop using indoor tanning bedding and he's calling on local officials to provide more shade at parks and sporting events. >> small cars are becoming more popular than ever, especially hybrids and electrics. how safe are they. the insurance institute for highway safety found out that by putting the cars through newer and tougher crash tests. danielle nottingham has the
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results. >> reporter: the mini cooper countryman was the only small car to receive good ratings by the national institute of highway safety. >> the occupant was well restrained, side bags, air bags, seat belts. all worked together. the 40-mile-per-hour crash simulates what happens when the front corner of the car collides with another vehicle or tree. it's the first time the institute performed this particular test on electric and hybrid vehicles. the ford c ma-max hybrid and ch volt received exceptional ratings. the volt was the only car in the test group to earn the 24 top safety plus. the highest rewards. >> it also rewards vehicles that have ford collision warning systems and systems with autonomous breaking which is available on the volt.
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>> competitor nissan rated fourth and these were the worst performers. the safety agency says their passenger spaces came apart in the crash tests. danielle nottingham, cbs news. and straight ahead, germany might have won the world cup, but twitter reaps the benefits worldwide. details in "money watch." and the reality tv star in the running to buy the nfl's buffalo bills. our names in is still here? probably dead... how much fun is this? what? what a beautiful sunset... if you like sunsets. whether you're sweet or salty... you'll love nature valley sweet and salty bars. and keller graduate school of management, a business career was my goal. this was my career training camp... my professors... they were also my coaches. and my biggest supporters. their guidance from start to finish... helped me get my latest microsoft.
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here's a look at today's forecast in some cities around the country. on the "cbs moneywatch" twitter soars and the americans behind in paying their bills. jill wagner is at the new york stock exchange with that and more. good morning, jill. >> good morning, ko. twitter is a big winner thanks to the world cup. they were driven in part by soccer fans from around the world. revenue hit $312 million. that is an increase of more than 120%. the number of average monthly users was up 24% from a year ago. here on wall street twitter didn't help the markets.
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the dow dropped 70 points. the nasdaq dipped 2 points. and the s&p fell almost 9 points. mcdonald's workers got a big boost in their fight to earn $15 an hour. the national labor relations board said yesterday that mcdonald's controls its franchises, making it a joint employer. this means the corporation could be held liable for any wage and work-related lawsuits. mcdonald's says it will fight the change. and more than one-third of americans aren't paying their bills. a new study says 35% of consumers with credit records had been reported to collection agencies. they owe an average of $5,200. but according to another study, overall credit card debt is at its lowest level in more than a decade. ko? >> thank you, jill. i know you'll be tweeting the money news. thank you from the new york stock exchange. major victory for student athletes who suffered head
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injuries. the ncaa agreed yesterday to settal class-action lawsuit from 2011. the agency agreed to have a fund. there will also be stricter rules on when a player can get back in the game. >> if you go into the game too early you're at serious risk for a serious long-term brain injury and that's what we're trying to prevent. >> this does not help those who suffer a brain trauma. the billionaire businessman and reality tv star submitted a bid tuesday to buy the buffalo bills. in an interview trump downplayed his chances of becoming the next owner. the bills are valued at $870 million but could fetch for at much as $1 billion. when we return, a former wrestler pins down a victory. reaction from jesse ventura on the verdict of his defamation case. tchen
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here's a look at today's forecast in some cities around the country. theodore van kirk flew nearly 60 bombing missions during world war ii, but none changed the course of history like the one on august 6th, 1945. van kirk was a navigator of the van know la guy. the single bomb killed more than 140,000 people. the experience make van kirk wary of war but he maintained the atomic bomb ended up saving lives. he died monday. he was 93. the legal fight between an ex-professional wrestler turned politician and a late navy s.e.a.l. is over.
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former minnesota governor jesse ventura won a $1.8 million judgment against chris kyle. the jury sided with him in claiming that kyle defamed him in his best-selling book "american sniper." >> the end result i'm pleased with because my reputation is restored, what's left of it. >> the two-year battle was completed in a courthouse in st. paul, minnesota. >> sure you're nervous. >> reporter: the jury voted in favor of the governor. he brought the suit against a navy s.e.a.l. who said he punched out ventura at bar. >> there weren't any witnesses who saw me get hit and knocked down. >> reporter: it wasn't just the alleged punch. he said it started when ventura made a comment at a sael wake
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quoting "s.e.a.l.s deserve to lose a few. he said that was his reason for bringing the suit. >> the s.e.a.l.s are maya it in and i can't go out to a reunion anymore. >> ventura said he was hesitant to sue but felt it was his last resort. >> my back was zbrengts the wall. they wouldn't do nothing to restore my reputation. they wouldn't move one inch. there wasn't nothing else to do. >> chris kyle was shot to death at a texas gun range last year. his wids dough tea was named the defendant in the case. she released a statement after the verdict reating, quote, when it comes to my family, honor and standing up for what is right, i am never out of the fight. tea says the judgment will have to come out of her pocket. coming up after your local news on "cbs this morning," we'll speak with jesse ventura. i'm ko im. this is the c b"cbs morning ne."
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there is battle of seafood. it's happening just offshore and as ee leino quijano reports, it's pitting man against beefts. >> reporter: on a typical summer afternoon on the coast of cape cod, nearly a thousand grey seals sunbathe on a sand bar. a few years ago this would have been unbelievable. in the 1960s the seals were hunted close to skpings, the hunt of a $500,000 state. in 1972 congress passed the marine mammal protection act and scientists hoped the seals would rebound snow they're all looking at us. >> yep. they're all looking saying who are these people. >> mike give lin is a volunteer
4:26 am
with the national park service. >> reporter: is this the most you've seen since doing this? >> yes. >> reporter: but where scientists see success others see competition. seals can consume up to 50 pounds of fish each day. sometimes following fishermen's boats and snatching food right off their lines. >> it's frustrating. you watch them take money right out of your pocket. the money is 8 feet from the surface and it's -- >> reporter: every fish is money for you. >> every fish is money. >> reporter: nick muto has been fishing these waters for 13 years. >> when seals became endang endangernded and we started looking at the seal population, did we ever measure what success would look like, did we ever say when enough seals will be enough? >> what is it you see when you look at grey seal? >> i see -- i see a threat to my bottom line. they're an 800-pound predator. >> what we're seeing is somebody
4:27 am
that came back from zero. when you see something that came back from zero it looks like a lot of animals. >> reporter: she's a marine biologist studying marine biology. >> reporter: as you know, people disagree with you, some of them living here for a long time. some want to have a number. >> i completely understand, especially those who rely on fish. but they can't go to a grocery store. >> reporter: humans upset the balance of nature here decades ago and now with live lie hoods on the line. they're trying to determine the least painful way to restore. elaine quijano, cbs news. >> perhaps a fisherman's prayer that will be plenty of fish tales. coming up the president considers executive action on reform. plus we'll talk with former
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minnesota governor on jesse venture are on his court victory in a defamation case. and with el ooh meet a sharp expert to risks his life to put cameras on great whites. that's the "cbs morning news" for this wednesday, i'm ko im. thank you for watching. have a wonderful rest of the week. -- captions by vitac --
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and today is wednesday, july 30th. good morning everyone. while hundreds turn out to remember the victims of last week's deadly car jacking, we're learning more about the long criminal record of one of the suspects. >> also water flowing like one of the rapids. what a water main break causing damage to a college university. >> and the bombs continue to rain down in gaza this morning as the fight enbetween israel and hamas shows no signs of letting


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